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Copper Wire

Copper Wires are reckoned for their unique thermal attributes, corrosion protected surface and standard diameter. Maximum cross sectional area of such wires is 90 sqmm. These are offered with different covering based choices.

Copper Strip

Offered range of Copper Strips are suitable for high voltage job application purpose. Developed from beryllium/red/pure copper, these low maintenance metal strips can be availed with kraft paper insulated/fiberglass covered version.

Braided Copper Wire Rope/ Strip

Braided Copper Wire Ropes/ Strips offered by us can be availed in maximum 2000 mm reel based specification. Their maximum cross sectional area is 30 sqmm and rated voltage is up to 240v.

Multi Stranded Copper Wire Rope

Multi Stranded Copper Wire Ropes have maximum 400 sqmm cross sectional area. Each rope is made of 7 to 61 strands that have maximum 2.90 mm dimension.  Approved by CCC, these copper products have good insulation properties.

Braided Extra Flexible Copper Conductors Rope

Braided Extra Flexible Copper Conductors Ropes have maximum 400 m2 nominal cross sectional area. Due to their good thermal conduction rate, these are used for trouble free running of circuit breaker and isolator.

DFG Aluminum Strips

DFG Covering with Varnish Coated Aluminum Strips have 12 mm2 to 30 mm2 cross sectional area range. Dimension of such strips ranges between 6.00 x 2.00 mm to 10.00 x 3.00 mm.

Stranded Copper Wire Rope -Multi Strands
Our company offers premium grade Stranded Copper Wire Rope -Multi Strands that can be used to make highly durable conductors that can be used in industrial grade electrical systems. Bu from us these copper wires as per your demands at a low price range.

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